How to Create a Network Marketing Business Plan

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If you have an interest in creating a network marketing business plan,Guest Posting it is likely that you will need a little guidance in order to be successful. Essentially, a network marketing business plan is an outline of the methods that you will utilize in order to take action so that you achieve the goals associated with your business. Network marketing is a type of business model that is ultimately designed to help a main company distribute the products that they specialize in the market. However, in order to achieve success in this endeavor, the marketers must build an active base of potential customers and a downline of distributors that will assist in accumulating larger quantities of customers. By building a productive network marketing business plan, you can successfully build your customer base and your downline to secure your financial future.
Set Goals
The first aspect of business plan development in the marketing world is to set goals for your business. By setting goals, you are providing the life of your business with direction. In addition to this, you are giving your business a sense of meaning – which is critical for your success. Ultimately, a goal is a purpose that is created to which a specific type of endeavor is directed. Many network marketers that are in the process of creating a business plan are able to successfully develop the goal aspect of the plan. Unfortunately, many do not realize that an action plan is required in order to ensure that the results that are desired are appropriately obtained. This brings us to our next step in creating a network marketing business plan.
The Action Plan
When it comes to creating a business plan that will actually result in success, you need to focus on taking action. Many consider this to be the most important element when it comes to the formula for success. Goals that involve individuals that are actively involved in engaging in tasks to ensure it will happen are goals that result in success. You have the potential to achieve all that you desire in your business plan as long as you do what it takes in order to make things happen. You must not only develop your business plan, but you must be fully committed to taking the steps necessary to follow the business plan that you have developed. Those that take action in achieving their goals are people that have a high level of persistence, a passion for their business and a desire to achieve success. If these characteristics describe you, it should not be difficult at all to take action on the goals that you have set in your network marketing business plan.
Management of Your Business
The next aspect of a network marketing business plan should be the details involving the management of your business. Management includes the cash-flow activities, the orders, the processing, the scheduling needs, the products, the distributors and other factors. In order to operate a business successfully, you must know how you will appropriately manage that business. Ensuring the growth of your business, outlining the goals of your business, highlighting the needs that will be met through your products and then focusing on the accumulation of customers will assist in creating the perfect plan for your business. By taking the steps outlined in this simple strategy guide, you will find that it is easy to create a network marketing business plan that will ultimately lead to high levels of financial success.

Educational Consultants – Assisting Students With College Admissions

Here five reasons how an educational consultant can help your student with college admissions:

1. Educational consultants do not guarantee students admission to any particular college. They do, however, assist students with the college search to find schools that are a good fit and affordable at the same time. They also provide information and assistance with financial aid, scholarships, and the FAFSA form. They know that some colleges are more generous with financial aid and scholarships and encourage students to include a few of these on their college list if they are a good match.

2. Educational consultants have the time and interest to help your student with anything pertaining to the college admissions process. They are available to talk with parents as questions arise. They advise students on what courses to take in high school, when to take the SAT and ACT, college visits, and even do mock interviews to help students prepare for meetings with college representatives. College counseling and assisting students with their applications and essays is their job and they are not limited in the time they can spend or distracted by other responsibilities.

3. Educational consultants make a point of finding schools that are interested in seeing your student graduate in four years, rather than the usual, five, six or more. Paying for two additional years of college can really add up. Most parents would be surprised to see the low four year graduation rate at many schools. The average six year graduation rate for colleges and universities in the U.S. is 54%, yet many schools are graduating 60% or more of their students in four years. This makes better sense to most parents.

4. Educational consultants help to keep your student organized in order to meet all deadlines for applications, supplements and financial aid and scholarships. Students appreciate having a schedule and completing an application so that there is plenty of time to review it before it must be submitted. This helps them feel more in control of the college admissions process. Colleges all have different application deadlines from November through June and many will not accept applications if they arrive late.

5. Educational consultants adhere to strict standards and have one purpose in mind: Helping your student navigate the college admissions process. They are trained in college counseling and attend national and state conferences to continue their professional development. They are active in professional organizations like the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA).

Most educators believe that more time and thought needs to go into college planning and helping students with the college search. Hiring an educational consultant to assist with this process has made a lot of sense to many parents and has helped their students make better college decisions. As one father commented, “If I am spending this kind of money on a college education, I want the best advice I can get.”

The Next “Big Thing” for Online Marketing Consultants

Looking for the next big opportunity to take your online business to the next level? Want an EASY, ethical and exciting way to turn your PASSION for people into perpetual piles of profit? The truth is, the next, BEST and most inspiring way to share your flare with an evergreen audience of clients and potential partners is becoming a crowdfunding consultant.

If you aren’t entirely sure what crowd funding is… look no further than mega sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Gofundme and tons of small niche oriented crowd sourced communities for live examples of this model in action.

What does a crowd funding consultant really do? Is it hard work? Do you need to be a guru or an expert or a social media superstar to help people raise funds for things that they care about?

The funny thing is, like ALL online marketing oriented offers… the crowd funding consulting space is now starting to become a bit over-run by the spammers, the scammers and the get rich quick crowd (no pun intended…) as more and more people jump on the Kickstarter consultant wagon.

But here is the thing -

The BEST way, at least in my view and what I’m working on in my own consulting practice – is leveraging the tools and technology that are available to help entrepreneurs raise money, with existing areas of my own expertise. (and most likely, if you are reading this… YOURS as well)

For example?

Content is still king when it comes to creating campaigns that convert.

So too is generating BUZZ for your brand and business… if you want your campaign to stand out in the sea of sameness where others swim.

As a consultant – you can literally use very conventional online marketing tools and techniques to help your clients raise tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars from scratch.

(I recently spoke to a guy who helped a small group of entrepreneurs raise over 10 MILLION dollars on their own self started crowd funding campaign they hosted and ran by themselves… using a WordPress plugin that cost about 80 bucks!)

As a matter of fact, the 6 common elements to ALL successful marketing campaigns are equally as important equally as well as they would if you were launching your own life coaching business, or writing your first ebook, or selling your first group consulting gig in whatever niche you already know, love and do.

For example?

If you look at the 6 C’s that make up the Content Community Continuum I’ve been preaching on here for years (Content, Character, Community, Conversation, Curriculum and Conversion) they apply here equally as well as they would if you were launching your own life coaching business, or writing your first ebook, or selling your first group consulting gig in whatever niche you already know, love and do.

So while the “niche” may be new… the concepts are not.

When it comes to crowd funding… CONTENT is more important than ever. So too is CONVERSION. (getting people who may be interested in your campaign to actually feel compelled enough to contribute)

And you can’t do ANY of the above without a COMMUNITY. (whether you are leveraging Kickstarters captive audience, or building your OWN campaign using low cost technology works amazingly well for self starters like you and I)

So too are the other “C’s” like the CHARACTER you set forth to entertain, engage and inspire your ideal audience to get involved.

And the CONVERSATION you create that keeps people updated, interested and keeps your project (and passion) top of mind for those who may have stopped by to take a look, but haven’t yet funded your gig.

And your CURRICULUM is obviously the product, the service, or the deliverable that makes the entire campaign worth pitching in the first place.

Follow the approach above – and you won’t fall victim to the sort of low brow strategies many consultants are offering that ultimately will poison the space. (as described in the article below)

If you truly want to learn how to integrate this approach in your own consulting business – drop me a note and I’m happy to share some free strategies we’re using now to build BOTH a niche crowd funding portal – and to help a few small local businesses create their own campaigns – it’s a lot of fun – and the personification of PASSION and purpose in entrepreneurial action!

Use These ISO 9001 Consulting Services to Improve Your Organization

When we market ISO 9001 Consultancy services, companies often enquire, “explain exactly how we can gain from engaging your services?” Good question. The ISO 9001:2015 quality management system (QMS) can be very useful in improving your organization. To achieve these benefits, a business must have the knowledge to implement ISO 9001 in the right manner. An experienced ISO 9001 consultant can save you significant time and money by helping your organization attain the following benefits:

1. Attain ISO 9001:2015 Certification The Right Way

A large number of companies get ISO 9001 certification for the wrong reasons, usually because it is specified as a requirement for doing business with an existing or potential customer. This leads to superficial implementation with no sustainable long-term benefits. An ISO consultant can help you implement the system the right way with the key focus on continual improvement and enhancing customer satisfaction.

2. Improve Company and Product Quality

ISO 9001 requires an organization to determine and control risks governing its operational processes to provide consistent product or service quality. An experienced ISO 9001 consultant can help you identify and analyze these process risks and implement effective ways to control and manage your business processes. Many good consultants have done dozens, if not hundreds of systems audits and they can share best practices gained from that experience.

3. Enhance Customer Satisfaction Through Customer-focused Continual Improvement.

To gain competitive advantage, an organization needs to do more than just make product that meets a customers documented specifications. It must be suitable for and fit their actual application or use. This leads to significantly reduced product issues and customer complaints. Working with your customers to understand their actual applications and product concerns will help develop long-term relationships with customers. An ISO 9001 consultant can help you set up such continual improvement processes focused on your customers.

4. Establish Metrics For Business Management

A company must collect information to know how it is performing and determine how it can improve. Many organizations don’t devote enough resources to set up systems to track operational performance. an ISO Consultant can help you determine what business performance metrics to use, how to collect and analyze it and how to use it for timely and effective decision-making to manage and improve your organization.

5. Harnessing Employee Motivation to Develop a Professional Culture

Very often, implementing ISO 9001 may require a change in an organizations culture and business environment. Employees have a natural tendency to resist change if ISO 9001 is imposed upon them. Involving and empowering employees at all levels from the very outset, to bring about required change of the ISO 9001 implementation project, will significantly improve their morale, motivation and buy-in to systemic changes. ISO 9001 Consultants have a lot of experience in facilitating such projects.

6. Maintain or Recharge Your ISO 9001 Quality Management System

ISO 9001 provides many tools to ensure it stays dynamic and robust as a business tool. Many companies have difficulty maintaining their quality management system due to various reasons such as employee turnover, transfers, added responsibilities, economic downturn, etc. Using ISO 9001 Consulting services to refresh, recharge and retrain employees can provide renewed focus and motivation in performing required internal audits, root cause analysis and corrective actions, revisiting controls due to process changes, continual improvements initiatives, etc.

7. Improve Business Efficiency, Reduce Waste, and Save Money

Many businesses have operational problems that they must deal with. Various studies over the decades have indicated that these problems consume as much as 35% of its bottom line. There are many factors that cause this. These include waste, inefficiency, ineffective use of resources, controls and processes are the major causes of such problems. Many ISO 9001 consultancy services provide a wide range of services beyond ISO. These may include lean manufacturing, six sigma, use of specialized business tools and software and related problem solving skills. The return on investment of such consulting services can be significant.

A Search Engine Consultant Can Increase Your Page Rankings?

For people who are already in the online marketing for many years, having a search engine consultant to work with them is a big relief. This is because consultants are more knowledgeable when it comes to SEO concerns. They are more updated with the latest Google algorithm changes and know what to do in keeping your page ranking in the top spots.

Small companies and business owners tend to be hesitant at first, especially if they are just starting out. Well, it’s very understandable since not all search engine optimisation experts are affordable. Many SEO consulting firms will require you to pay rates beyond your budget, the reason why start-up businesses don’t want to hire professionals. But this should not be the case, as there are still firms who offer reasonable rates with very good results. You only need a little of your time and effort to find them, they more than you do when it comes to this part of your business.

Differences between having a search engine consultant and doing it yourself

  • They don’t need to learn the basics or entire SEO process, but you do.
  • Search engine optimization consultants can do it fast and efficient, while you can’t be assured to have the same results if you do it by yourself.
  • Experts know the twist and turns, ups and downs of the process, whereas you as a beginner need to learn and experience all of it before you can truly understand how it works.
  • Letting someone more knowledgeable handle your page rankings will save you time and worries that will allow you to focus in other aspects of your company or business.
  • The amount you pay is just really small compared to the benefits a consultant can give you.
  • No matter how complicated the process is, consultants will surely find ways to make or keep your page in the top results, you on the other hand will have difficulty doing that for your page.

These are just few of the differences between doing it yourself or letting someone more familiar and experienced to do their thing. SEO is a broad and complicated process to understand, not to mention that it’s also constantly changing from time to time.

Maintaining page rankings with a search engine consultant

As mentioned earlier, the process is broad and complicated. But your page rankings mostly depend on how exceptional you do it. If you have a good search engine consultant, there’s a 90% chance that your page will be on the top 3 spot in popular search results such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Aside from that, SEO consultants will also maintain your page rankings if the desired position is already achieved.

So if you are a small business owner who’s thinking of starting it online or already have a company and website that needs a kick start, then an expert is what you just need. Good page rankings will generate more clicks and possibly potential clients to your site, which will lead to more revenues for your business.

4 Signs You’ve Hired Skilled Online Marketing Consultants

If you are thinking about shopping for a marketing consultant’s services, you’ll want to carefully think about what sort of marketing consultant you want. Many businesses hire someone to help with marketing based on specific things that need to be done. Read on for signs that you’ve hired the right consultant(s):

#1 You’re Getting More Traffic

A good marketing consultant knows how to get web traffic to your site. A good marketing professional will help you understand where your traffic comes from and can generally show you a marked improvement in those traffic levels pretty quickly. There are many ways to get traffic but not all traffic is equal so the increased level of visitors to your site should also equate, before long, to an increase in sales.

Not only should you have traffic in numbers but you should see that traffic comes from sources that could lead to sales. Randomness doesn’t really count in online marketing. It’s more about quality of traffic than quantity.

#2 Your Conversion Rates are Increasing

How many visitors did you have in the last month before hiring your consultant? How many sales did that result in? Your new numbers should be indicative of climbing conversion rates because of the work your marketing consultant is doing for you. If you previously had 1000 visitors a month at 1.68 % conversion, you’ll want to see both the number of visitors climb as well as the rate of conversion. A good consultant can help you get targeted potential customers to your site as well as work with you to create content that convinces people to buy.

#3 You Know More About Marketing

A consultant should consult, and this should help you increase your knowledge of internet-based marketing. You may have felt a little bit “in the dark” when you got started but before long you should understand terms such as: search engine optimisation, social media optimisation, bounce rates, and the like. A marketing or business consultant typically consults for you, enabling you to deepen your understanding of effective marketing techniques.

#4 You Have An Action Plan

Marketing to your online audience isn’t a one off. It needs to be planned, measured, tweaked, and refined regularly. Your business needs to evolve and your marketing consultant’s know-how can enable you to do that. Many consultants who teach and do online marketing tasks have an ongoing plan of approach and measurement to help you make an action plan together that will focus on the growing needs of your company.

It can take time to see results in an online marketing campaign, depending on many factors including how competitive your niche is and how aggressively you are marketing but marketing consultants can generally show marked improvement in various areas quickly. Be vigilant about measuring your consultant’s demonstrated ability to deliver what they’ve promised. If you’ve chosen the right business consultant, that will be clear fairly quickly.

Your Guide To Selecting An Ace Project Management Consultancy

An experienced consultancy will have rich experience and in-depth know-how to:

  • Improve the supporting environment where the project will be executed
  • Provide leadership capabilities that can accelerate a project’s implementation

For that purpose, we are presenting a three-step guide to choose quality management consultants.

Step 1: Know your business needs that will be met by a consultancy

First things first, understand and define your business needs and goals. (And this should be done before you would request for proposals, experience and qualifications of consultancies.) After knowing your business goals (both long- and short-term), it is important to understand how a project consultant might assist in successful implementation and completion of a project (and in implicitly meeting those goals).

To clarify those goals, you must:

  • Consider each factor that might influence the defined goals
  • Take into account all the special circumstances or regulations that can affect your business in meeting those goals

On fully identifying those goals, you must map your workforce’s expertise and identify the gaps that exist. Once the gaps are analyzed, you will know your business needs better and will short-list from the set of applied consultancies easily.

Step 2: Select the project management consultancy

After defining and analyzing the business goals, you have to put a good selection process in place. The procedure of selecting the finest project management consultancy comprises:

  • Setting up a selection team
  • Knowing who will make the final decision on selection
  • Establishing a full-fledged decision-making process
  • Again determining the desired outcomes
  • Preparing a Request for Information (RFI) document for creating a proper Request for Proposal (RFP) document
  • Floating the RFI document to consultancies
  • Compiling the list of consultancies that have responded to the floated RFI doc as per your business requirements
  • Short-listing three to five consultancies and sending them the RFP document

Step 3: Negotiating the terms and the entire contract with the selected consultancy

Since the beginning of the process to find a desirable consultancy, your aim would be to improve the implementation and, most importantly, the outcomes derived from the portfolio. Now, however, you will try negotiating each and every aspect of the contract’s terms and conditions.

You need to discuss and analyze the implementation schedule that will be adopted by the consultancy. The key aspects that you will have to negotiate include:

  • Schedule (including important milestones)
  • Scope of services
  • Payment terms
  • Personnel’s responsibilities and roles
  • Over-budget contingencies
  • Termination clauses

Also, ensure that you have a lucid understanding on the way invoice will be done and on how the deadlines will be established.

By following each of these three steps, you will improve your chances of partnering with a reliable project management consultancy firm.

How to Become a Franchise Consultant

If you have the desire to take on the important task of matching potential franchisees with the most suitable franchises for them, becoming a franchise consultant is likely a good option for you. But what is the best way to go about achieving this goal?

Join a Reputable Franchise Consulting Organization

Although it is possible to consult on your own, it is usually more advantageous to join a franchise consulting organization. Most brokers would tell you that you’ll have at least a two year head start by joining a good Franchise Consultant network over launching your own endeavor. Franchise consulting organizations typically market for hundreds of well-established franchises and have established sales and marketing programs.

Since you will actually be entering into a licensing agreement from the franchise consulting organization in order to become a consultant, it is important to do some research ahead of time to find the best firm for you to become connected with.

What to Look for in a Franchise Consulting Organization

You want to be certain to join a solid, reputable firm that offers a good training program. It will be necessary to learn all of the details involved in matching up potential franchisees with the most appropriate franchises. You will have to be able to obtain the knowledge and skills from the consulting organization that are needed to analyze a great number of factors with regard to a potential franchisee’s likes, dislikes, talents, experience, etc. With these skills behind you, the chances of making successful matches are much more likely.

Additionally, it will be most beneficial for your franchise consulting business for you to partner with a firm that offers the opportunity to work with a large variety of franchises so that you have the best choices to present to each of your potential franchisees. Many entrepreneurs may not be aware of the numerous types of franchises that they can invest in. Most entrepreneurs, new to the franchising world, may think mainly of food franchises when they consider their investment; however there are several more categories to be considered such as auto, business services, household services, etc.

That is where you as the consultant come in. With the large variety of franchises available through the consulting organization, you will play an important role in ensuring success for the both the franchisor and the franchisee by narrowing down the options for the potential franchisee. Therefore the more choices that are available, the better the chances are for the most successful match.

In order to find a good firm to join, it is a good idea to research your options online. Also consider contacting current franchise consultants that are part of the organization to find out how happy they have been with the organization and their support as well as how successful their businesses have been. You also need to assess your own ability to manage your own consulting practice.

Financing Needed

When joining a franchise consulting organization, you as the franchise consultant will need to invest a nominal amount of capital initially in order to obtain the rights to market for the various franchises that the organization is servicing. Typically, the investment is somewhere between $20,000 and $30,000. Overhead is not usually a concern since most franchise consultants operate out of their homes or small leased office spaces. Considering the great possibility of a six figure income based on the fees that the franchisor pays when you match a franchisee with their franchise, the investment can be quite lucrative for the right people. As with any opportunity that you are considering, you should carefully review their offering and consider the overall make up of the organization and how you may benefit from their resources.

How to Ward Off Insects This Summer

Nothing compares to summertime in Florida, but with the heat comes the buzz and bite of pesky summer insects. At your fun summer barbeque, you may notice a new wave of flies, mosquitos, or even cockroaches, and your home may begin to be infested with other little crawlers, like spiders, as the heat and humidity get more intense. If you start yearning to be rid of your new uninvited house guests, there are a few ways you can take care of them.

To be rid of spiders, you can begin by trying natural methods of pest control. Use a spray bottle filled with vinegar to spritz the dark, cool areas of your home, where spiders tend to reside. You may also try using peppermint oil if you don’t like the scent of vinegar. If this doesn’t work, you can hire a professional in pest removal in Florida to spray your home.

If your problem is house flies, rather than spiders, install screens on your windows and doors to help block the flies from entering. Since flies are generally drawn to uncovered, warm food, you should also be extra careful to cover your food and keep it refrigerated as long as possible.

Biters and Stingers
For those of you with more painful pests that bite and sting, like mosquitos and bees,, be sure to keep sweet treats like sodas and desserts inside. These sugary treats attract bees and wasps and can easily turn a fun outdoor picnic into a painful ordeal. To avoid mosquito bites, avoid places with standing water like lakes and ponds, where mosquitos generally thrive.

The Importance of Professional Termite Control Services

Being a homeowner means that you have to remain vigilant at all times. While it may seem like you take care of one problem only to have another rear its ugly head, preventative maintenance truly is the best solution to ensuring your home doesn’t start to fall apart at the seams. And as any homeowner who has had to deal with termites or other bug infestations can tell you, sometimes the most insidious destructive forces are smaller than the palm of your hand. One such nuisance that can be quite damaging is the termite. If you sense that you might have termite problems in your home, then you should contact a local professional to assist you with professional termite control in Jacksonville. Here are a few reasons why expert termite control is so essential.

Professionals Can Fully Eradicate Termites
One of the reasons why termites are so harmful is because it is so difficult to fully eradicate them without some serious firepower. If you don’t have the proper tools, experience, and knowledge to properly address the problem, then you run the risk of eliminating only a small portion of the termite population. And even a few leftover termites can replenish a colony that could cause massive damage to your home. A professional is the only person who can ensure the termites in your home are completely destroyed.

Professionals Can Assess Structural Damage
The worst case scenario is that your home sustains so much structural damage from termites that it becomes uninhabitable. While this is an extreme example, the truth of the matter is that any termite infestation can progress to this point given time. By hiring professionals to help you with termite control in Jacksonville, you can ensure that your home is protected from the damaging effects of a large scale infestation.