Which Network Marketing Compensation Plans Are The Most Effective?

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If you want to enter the exciting world of network marketing or Multi Level Marketing then it is important that in addition to marketing high quality goods and services,Guest Posting you also learn all about network marketing compensation plans. This move will allow you to make a projection on the amount of money that you could earn when you manage to start selling those products or services.

There are several compensation plans that are offered by genuine and unscrupulous marketing companies. However, you need to go through each plan in great detail since it will ultimately be your loss if you fail to catch on to a scam. Anyway, if any company offers ridiculously high profit margins or tries to force you to buy exorbitantly-priced starter kits then you should certainly stay away from them. Most network marketing compensation plans offer decent margins while also offering security in case you slip up on sales on very rare occasions.

Breakaway Plan: This plan has been used for a very long time and if you cross over certain performance parameters then you can jump over the sponsor-ship line that was set originally. This is a flexible unilevel plan that basically rewards people who perform exceptionally well and allows them to sprint ahead in the line. However, it is a bit difficult to comprehend and you should make sure that you understand all aspects of such network marketing compensation plans before committing yourself.

Unilevel Plan: This is an easy plan to implement from the company’s point of view since the arrangement of distributors and sellers under them remain constant at all times. Thus, even if you do manage extremely high sales, you will still remain an ordinary seller and will not be able to jump the queue or jump over your distributor. This plan is limited in many aspects and many companies are slowly shifting over to other network marketing compensation plans to attract new sellers.

Matrix Plan: This is another plan that is slowly losing popularity since it limits the growth of new sellers and distributors that can be appointed under a single distributor. The matrix plan is basically a grid plan that allows a fixed number of levels and distributors within each grid. If you are offered such a plan instead of the other network marketing compensation plans then you might face problems when you want to appoint new sellers under yourself once you have touched the figure set by the grid.

Binary Plan: This too is a slightly complicated plan that focuses more on achieving volumes in sales instead of depending on various levels. Payouts are decided when the designated sales figures are achieved and are usually made on a weekly basis. Although the payout depth is unlimited and each matrix is limited under such a plan, there are several companies that prefer using this plan. However, due to several scams in this plan, many distributors have now started to avoid this plan and prefer other network marketing compensation plans instead.

Each marketing plan has its pros and cons, and choosing the most effective plan would depend on the products or services that you plan to sell, your target clientele, the profit margins and the number of levels above and below you. You should fully comprehend each plan put up before you so that you can make an informed decision. Most genuine companies will put up network marketing compensation plans that allow for profits to be fairly shared between hard-working distributors and sellers, and if you feel that your chosen company is doing the same then welcome to the exciting world of network marketing.